The Radical Design School is a collective of subversive cultural workers who are committed to making art and design accessible to all.
We see cultural production as a necessary part of organizing for transformative social justice.

Simplified illustration of Ryan's head in four colours.

 Ryan Hayes

Ryan enjoys walking while asking questions. He can usually be found kicking up a cloud of spectral dust, weaving between artists, activists and unmarked archives. Ryan started doing graphic design and printmaking with social movements and continues to learn from grassroots communities of practice. He is obsessed with books and is also involved with the Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts.

Interests: Graphic Design, Printmaking, Popular Education, Social Movement Cultures, Creative Campaigns, Iranian Cinema, All the Books

 Sheila Hewlett

Sheila’s foci are in the Spaces Between (Heavenly and Eminence, Garbage and Riches, Alleyways and Glamourous Facade ad infinitum). Sheila feels the heady rush of glittering lights, fibre optic body destruction, all brain electricity information age sublimation; just as much as she feels fully grounded feet-in-the-dirt embodied. She has feelings about dancing, crafting, fighting, eating, holding and releasing, ass to grass, drilled for bills realities.

 Natalia Saavedra

Natalia is a graphic designer, pigeon enthusiast and self-appointed maths teacher at RDS. She is  interested in the impact of graphic design outside of the mainstream and its intersection with social justice into community-based approaches. While she’s not teaching with RDS, you can find Natalia working as a Creative Director at The Public Studio. She knows all the fonts.

Simon Black

Alrightyyyyyyyyyyyy class! This little fairy boy would like to teach you how anyone and everyone can make everything and anything be absolutely magical! Don’t believe what those other art schools say that only certain somebodies can be artists… that statement is full of poop and sour vinegar! We all started as little kids doodling with our sugar wax smelling crayons, and that curious and imaginative child is always with us no matter what. Just dig a little in your beautiful soul and you’ll find them skipping and eating cake! So class, first assignment… set that kid FREE!!!

Jenny Chan

Jenny assumes the post of Care of Magical Creatures Professor at RDS, being part creature herself (whuulf) and part creator. She is a habituated city animal, dabbling in web development and graphic design by day but by night frequents analogue passions in paint, pencil, and prose. The creative process and its potential as an imaginary portal and tool for social change is a key academic interest of hers. She is also a kindof student (teaching and learning go hand-in-hand) at OCAD. She likes ferns and naps.

Interests: the moon, Hong Kong cuisine, roadkill, love, magic, illustration.


Want to teach at our fine (anti)establishment? We are always looking for co-conspirators, co-llaborators, and co-creators. If you’d like to partner up on a project, would like to invite us to throw in a pitch, or would like to work with us please get in touch.