Gentrification Sticker Pack

Sticky Questions: What is gentrification and what can we do about it?


The fight against gentrification is not about resisting change but guiding it in a direction that improves living conditions for local residents.

– Adrian Blackwell

Gentrification is an insidious process that’s often cloaked under the guise of neighbourhood renewal. It can look like upscale coffee shops, trendy boutiques, slick art galleries, and revitalization projects including city-sanctioned street art and street festivals backed by local business associations — but it doesn’t always.The next thing you know, your neighbourhood grocer of ten years is replaced by a glass condo. Affordable community foods are no longer within walking distance but a wide selection of craft beers is! 😒 Change is an inevitable fact of life, however, gentrification is the sort of change in geography that disproportionately impacts working class communities of colour and urban Indigenous peoples, done by agents with power and class privilege.


Gentrification doesn’t always look like condos and it doesn’t always smell like coffee. So we’ve made this sticker pack to help you identify and call-out gentrification as the class project that it is, and as a tool to support local community actors, organizations and individuals who are mobilizing.


All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
is Change.

is Change.

– Octavia Butler